Book Your Whale Watching Cruise and Witness This Year’s Migration

Whether you are touring Australia and looking for interesting experiences, or you are native to the country and have yet to see the whale migration, you can start planning your trip for this year’s migration.

Every year humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic waters to the South Pacific in search of a suitable place to give birth, and their journey takes them right along Australia’s coasts. From April to November, Sydney becomes somewhat of a hot spot for humpback whales, and there will be hundreds of cruises going out into the waters to witness the tens of thousands of humpback whales that will be passing through.

Those who are interested in seeing this spectacle for themselves can book their spots on one of the many cruises that will be available during that time. Getting out onto the water is the best way to see the migration, and cruises will be available all throughout the days.

Best Times to See the Whales

There are many opportunities to see the whales migrate this year, but different times might offer different experiences. While your experience with the whales and sea life is often unpredictable, there are a few things that you can plan for.

For example, the warmest times to go are during the beginning and end of the season. Whale watching in Sydney takes place for several months out of the year, but the middle of the season tends to be the coldest. While whale watching tours are available all throughout the day, going in the morning might make it easier to see the whales, as the waters are generally calmer during this time.

Best Time to Get Tickets

It’s never too early to secure your spot on the cruise of your choice, and the earlier you book your trip, the easier it will be to get a spot. However, whale watching is a popular activity in Sydney, and as it gets closer to whale season, popular cruises will start filling up. The earlier you book your cruise, the quicker you can start planning the rest of your trip.

More importantly, tickets are often more affordable at the beginning and the end of the season, and while ticket prices may vary, you will often find better pricing when there is more availability.

Night Cruises and Private Cruises

Many whale watching cruise providers offer cruises at night and during special times of the year. For example, you can go out on the water during Sydney’s light festival, which takes place during the migration season, and you will get an ocean view of the impressive light installations for that event. Otherwise, there are frequent sunset and evening cruises that are available all season long.

To accommodate the number of guests, cruises typically carry upwards of 50 people per trip, but if you prefer something a little less crowded, you can arrange a private cruise. These are great for group outings, and they ensure that your whale watching experience is as pleasant as possible.

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