How To Book Cheap International Flight Tickets

Travelling must never stop, they say. What they forgot to include was the fact that international flight tickets are going to take half of the budget, leaving just over little for the rest of the travel. Unless you book the most expensive suite in the most luxurious hotel in the city you are visiting, you know what we mean, don’t you?

Travelling abroad is a dream come true for almost everyone. Thanks to the number of hostels and homestays coming up, accommodation is a bit more budget friendly when you are walking on a tight rope. What takes up the most expense are the airline tickets, and while you can always get the best deal from on both flights and accommodations to some of the most exquisite, worth-travelling places, would it not be better if you have a few tricks up your sleeve?

Passion for travel does not mean compromising. It simply means you must know the art of booking cheap flights, which you are about to learn!

  • Book your flight early on: However cliché this may sound, it is a fact that few weeks make a lot of difference in airfare. Although travel must not be restricted by merely flight tickets, but let’s accept it – don’t we like a little saving in the airfare and accommodation so that we can try better things in a new place? Those experiences are certainly worth the pre-planning.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and times: Unless it is a business or a formal (wedding, event, anniversary, etc.) trip that you have clubbed with a vacation, being flexible with the dates and the time of travel certainly pays off. Many airlines might have a cheaper midnight flight, or they might have a special offer for a particular day. Also, as compared to weekends, flights during the mid of the week are more affordable. All the more better if you are travelling to some destination in its off season.
  • Be open to different destinations: In case you are going to celebrate a special occasion, you may not have the liberty to change the date of your travel. But, as a traveller you surely are always open to explore another destination, right? Make a list of the places that you would like to explore during that time of the year and check for tickets one by one. You may get lucky!
  • Use incognito mode: Cookies, cache and all those things which were supposed to make our lives easier do not help when it comes to getting hold of the cheapest flight. Solution – opt for incognito mode to get the best deals.
  • Search tickets as a single person: If you are travelling in a group and want tickets next to one another, the airline would charge for all seats as per the costliest seat. Which means you end up paying a lot more. Instead, book individual tickets and go to a web check-in well in time to travel with your group.
  • Compare flights: So what that you just got the best price, did you check for a different airline yet? They might be offering an even better deal and you might lose upon it if you rush to book. Before you look for your credit card, look for all the airlines flying to your destination. Then take a call. Different airlines offer different rates on different days of the week and different time of the day. A few minutes are all you need to explore them all!
  • Don’t take direct flights: At times it is cheaper to fly to a nearby destination that you want to visit and make use of a public transport or fly with a budget carrier. This is because bigger cities offer more airlines and flights than that to a smaller place. Also, you get to check out another place during the same visit, if you wish to halt for a day or two at that place.
  • Take advantage of student discounts: If you are a student or a member of any organization that has tie-ups with airlines, do not hesitate to make use of your ID card at the time of travel. You may end up saving a lot more than you expected.
  • Sign up for frequent flier programme: Almost every airline has a reward programme that keeps coming up with awards and schemes to lure passengers into flying with them. If you are a frequent flier, having a membership with an airline can be highly beneficial. More so, if the airline has affiliations with other airlines. This way you not only get the best deal with the first airline you are with, but you can also avail some benefit from the other airline. Moreover, few airlines offer discounts not just in the airfare, but are also associated with many hotels and restaurants that can save you money.
  • Know the average price: Before you plan to book the flight tickets, get to know what the average cost is of travelling to that destination. This way, you would know if the tickets are way too pricey and whether or not you should wait for a day or two before booking. Also, be realistic while booking the tickets. If you find a ticket that is lower than average, do not wait for it to get any lower. Book it straightaway.

Most importantly, book everything else, including accommodation after booking the flight tickets.

To be on the move and explore new places requires money, undoubtedly. But with these easy tips and tricks you will be able to save big time on international flight tickets. Although, many airlines keep coming up with discounts and offers all the time, it is ideal to start your search with who have an array of packages for every age group and every type of travel one may think about, and they search for all major and possible airlines. And they know how to fetch the best deals on cheap flights every single time, which saves you enough to explore all that your heart desires.

Happy globe-trotting!

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